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Antistatic Polyester Filter Cloth

Antistatic Polyester Filter Cloth

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Antistatic Polyester Filter Cloth


Tianyu Filtration Material Co., Ltd  can offer all kinds of Polyester Anti static filter cloth for Cement Plant Filter Bag. 

According to the need of coal milling collecting dust of blast furnace gas, cement plant and other industries, anti static filter cloth is developed.


The anti static polyester filter cloth can meet the special demands of the dust collection of blast furnace gas and coal gas in the cement industry. Anti static polyester filter cloth mixed with carbon fiber, or stainless steel conductive wire.

Most industrial dust will blast when it meets the static discharge if its content comes to a certain extent. This brings on the explosion and fire. The dust should be collected with special dust filter bags which are made of anti-static polyester filter cloth


This antistatic polyester filter cloth applied in coal dust, chemical dust, and high concentration flammable and explosive dust flue gas.



Excellent air permeability
High precision of filtration

Excellent thermal resistance

Excellent chemical corrosion resistance

Excellent anti-static felt




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